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A Magical Day at the Book Burrow by Barbara Vennell


First, I have to admit that there are no bad days working in a bookstore.  The surroundings are inviting, the customers pleasant, and the work is interesting.  Still, there are days that stand out above all others.  September 13th was such a day.  Toni Buzzeo was here in the morning to sign her latest book, My Bibi Always Remembers.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and the small audience hung on her every word.  It's great for me to reconnect with Toni.  I've know her since we were both librarians attending book review meetings many years ago.  She now has an impressive list of books to her credit including professional publications and many picture books.  I am not surprised; she always reviewed more books than any of the rest of us!

While Toni and her friends were still here, various shoppers entered the store.  There ensued a spontaneous and  dynamic discussion of  recent books and heartfelt endorsements of some individual all-time favorites.  It was incredible!  We could not have planned a better discussion with a panel of experts.  I was riveted and ecstatic that this took place at the Book Burrow.  We need our little independent bookstores!

A  couple spent time reading to each other later in the day.  Finally the gentleman asked permission to play the piano.  Because it was a perfect September day, all the doors were open and people on the sidewalk were treated to an impromptu concert.  As  I worked at the counter, I smiled at my charmed existence.  And when I closed up at the end of the day, I knew what I had witnessed was so out of the ordinary.  It was truly magical.