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Life after Kennebooks

A Post by Barbara Vennell

         "M...m...Manager?  You want me to be the manager?" I stammered, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the proposition.  The idea of working at another bookstore was certainly appealing; I had loved every hour at Kennebooks and I felt a deep loss when it closed.  The "manager" title was a tad intimidating, but I knew I wasn't finished being around books and readers.

I'm a retired children's librarian and until I joined the staff at Kennebooks, I read children's books almost exclusively.  I appreciated being catapulted into the realm of grownup literature.  Wow!  It was a whole new world for me.  Reading for myself, really reading for myself, guided by the insight and enthusiasm of bookstore customers, has brought me so much pleasure.  It is my selfish hope to continue to be nourished by the reading public, and as the manager, I promise to reciprocate!


The Book Burrow is small and charming...I'm already in love with my surroundings.  I care about connecting readers and worthwhile books.  I hope that's apparent in my selections.  Come in often, browse, offer your suggestions, and watch the place evolve.  Help make the Book Burrow a "go to" stop for beach reads, book club selections, children's books, gifts and general reading.  Manager......Mmmm!  Mmmm!